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Guideline For Foreigner

Stay safe on the road with our comprehensive traffic guidelines for foreigners. Learn the rules and regulations, understand local driving customs, and ensure a smooth and stress-free driving experience during your visit.

Traffic Regulations

Driving Rules for Foreign Visitors


Our Traffic Signs

Discover Malaysia's essential traffic signs. Learn their roles in guiding and alerting drivers, ensuring safe navigation and compliance with traffic laws.

Stop and give way to all traffic

Warning Stop and give way ahead

Give way to all traffic

Give way ahead

Stopping and Parking Forbidden


Roundabaout ahead

No Turning

No paking

Traffic light ahead

Speed Limit

Slippery road surface ahead

Obstacles Ahead



Disable People Crossing

Landsliding Area

Winding Road

Camera Operation Zone

Caution-Accident Area

Ascending Lane

T-Junction-Three Way

Right Junction

Descent Lane


Hump Ahead

Junction Ahead-No Right Turn

Towing Zone

Two Dangerous Curves on the Left

Cattle Crossing Area

Left Junction

Crosswinds Area-500 Meters Ahead

Left Bend

Two Dangerous Curves on the Right

Narrow Bridge

Pedestrian Crossing

Road Narrowing

Narrow Road on the Left


Right Bend

Junction-Side Road on Right

No Honking

No Overtaking

No Left Turn

Height Limit

Weight Limit

Width Limit

School Zone

Speed Limit Reminder

Speed Limit Zone

End of Speed Limit

No Right Turn

Dead End

Keep Left

Keep Straight or Right

Keep Straight

Cyclist Lane

Pass Left or Right

Keep Right

Motocycle Lane Expressway

Turn Left Only

Turn Right Only



Expressway Starts

Expressway Ends


Petrol Station


Touch 'n Go

Petrol & Diesel

Malaysia Oil Price Overview


Essential Guide to Parking

Your Guide to Parking in Malaysia. Get to know the local parking systems, including street parking, parking lots, and residential parking rules.

Parking in Malaysia is free in suburbs and small cities, while parking fees in large and medium-sized cities are charged during the day and are free from 7pm to 8am, and free on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Parking fees can be paid by both self-service and manual payment. Remember to print the receipt after paying the parking fee and place it on the front windshield for inspection. You are not allowed to park at no parking signs. The fine for illegal parking is high, and you may also be locked by the police.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance Action Plan

Flat Tyre

Dead Battery

Traffic Violation & Toll Fees

Traffic Violation & Toll Fee Policies


If you need to leave the vehicle, please take your belongings with you or place them in the trunk or other places to reduce the risk of theft.

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